Splash & Spa Rivera: not only Splash, Spa too…

Whoever told you that a Spa should be an adult-only place? Do kids not have a right to relax and restore themselves?
In the Spa area of the Splash & Spa in Rivera, kids are welcome… so we lost no time and decided to give a try to the Family Spa straight away.

Imagine a rainy Wednesday afternoon, the mountains are covered in snow, outside it is cold, you are chilled to the bone, you would like to do something but you do not know what?! Well, one of those Wednesday afternoons I went to Rivera with my twins aged 7 years old. Every Wednesday afternoon kids aged 6 and above can enjoy some spa time, provided they have an adult with them. Yes, you got me right; they can access (with no restrictions!) the wonderful Spa of the best-known indoor aqua park in Ticino.

Children can experience the various saunas, Turkish baths, the Kneipp path and anything they would like in the 3000 smq of the spa area. Obviously, there are some basic rules to observe (including that of not speaking out loudly). The benefits of the Spa for children are countless. A spa afternoon helps concentration, strengthens the immune system and improves your heart rhythm and blood circulation.

We started our experience in the Sogukluk (a steam bath with a temperature of 30°C) and there we tried out our first ritual, a peeling with sugar and cinnamon, to self-spread all over the body: fun! My children particularly liked the aromatic showers that change color (they tried to guess what aroma it was) and the 38°C Sicalick tank. When they found that when you put your head under the water, you can hear music, they did not want to leave!).

We also experienced the salt sauna, which is the most suitable for children because it has a temperature of only 65°C. It is all covered in Himalayan salt, which (they claim) helps people relax and regenerate. This is another place that my kids were not so keen on leaving; they would have spent hours lingering on the rocking chair.

We tried the other saunas, too – but went in and out quickly out of curiosity, as they are too hot for kids (and in fact children are discouraged from entering them).

The Kneipp path was greatly appreciated, too. You wade into shallow pools full of stones, with alternate jets of hot and water. They did not know what to expect, so they had a blast…

Despite the miserable outside temperature of 7°C we decided to try the outdoors iodine saline tank at 35°C (which theoretically you should visit after the sauna) but we did it the other way round, and had a sauna after that, to warm up.

To finish the day in style, we went upstairs to the top floor, to chill out in the Sun Dome. There are family-sized hammocks and round beds. The children (and I) enjoyed some down time, listening to the music “of the Sun”!

Inside the Spa area, on an hourly basis, small rituals suitable to children take place, for example soap bubbles, sugar and cinnamon peeling and “honey time”. You shoud give them all a try.

For an extra fee you can reserve:You can also reserve other extras for a fee:

  • A parent / child massage
  • Mother/daughter nail colour

What can I say? We can’t wait to go back, and next time we’ll invite dad to come along, too!

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