Lopagno (Tesserete): miniature golf, family challenge style

A dear friend told me about the Fondazione San Gottardo and the Casa Don Orione in Lopagno, and recommended I’d go and try the new miniature golf course which was opened recently.

lopagno don orioneWe take advantage of the peek of sunshine on a cloudy Sunday afternoon and drive to Tesserete, in Capriasca. We take a turn towards Lopagno and immediately find a parking space right by the Casa Don Orione. The charming period villa is situated on a splendid panoramic position overlooking the gulf of Lugano. Our friends are waiting for us in the courtyard, where we find the 12 new (and colorful) holes. There is also a cafeteria, run by a nice and thoughtful guest of the Institute, who tells us the rules of the game and the best technique to hit the ball… thank you very much!

lopagno minigolfThere are also several benches and beach umbrellas for those days when the sun does not play hide and seek.

We take our golf clubs and start playing, recording our scores on the scorecard we received when we paid for the activity.

minigolfFrom the very start, it is quite evident that golf and I do not mix, and this fact seems to make everyone happy.

minigolfWe finish the 12 holes in about one hour, and times flies quickly, with laughs, jokes, many “ohhh, a near miss”, and yes – my son “flipping out” it” because one of the balls fell off the tee, too.

Needless to say, I came last. Fortunately, everyone praised my wonderful idea (which was not mine, but I did not tell them) of trying out miniature golf.

Go try it out…. And have fun!

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