Cime di Medeglia, a hike overlooking Lake Maggiore

Today I’m going to tell you about a short mountain hike, perfect with smaller kids as it does not require too much effort (it’s only an hour and 15 minutes long). It will reward you with an amazing views over the Magadino Plains at the end.We reach by car Canedo (840 meters.a.s.l), which si a hamlet belonging to the village of Medeglia, with a nice osteria (tavern) and a friendly sign: “You eat what it is available”. I totally subscribe to this approach to food!

The trail leading to the Cime di Medeglia, starting from Canedo

From Canedo we follow a trail marked with the white-red-white sign (right behind the tavern) and immediately we start walking uphill. It’s a trail with many rocks to overcome, set in a pleasant forest of birch and chestnut trees.

Cime di Medeglia fortificationsAfter about 30 minutes we reach Troggiano (1065 meters.a.s.l), a little settlement with a dozen of farm buildings. Some of them have been restored while some are in ruins. The clearing where they are located is delightful and allows tremendous views over Monte Tamaro and a birch wood. We were tempted to start running on the grass and into the woods. Time is a hard master, however… the kids are hungry! We could not afford to delay pic-nic much longer so we took some pictures and quickly moved on!

Cime di Medeglia trailThe walk, from this point, fllows and unpaved road which, in 20 minutes, leads us to a working farm with stables. We leave the road here, take a left turn (walking past the farm) and follow the yellow sign saying “Cima di Medeglia, 20 minutes”.
At first you walk through pastures, and for the first time you can catch a glimpse of Lake Maggiore, then you enter a wood once more.

A short stop at the WWI fortifications at Alpe delle Lagonce

Finally you reach another farm: Alpe delle Lagonce. There’s an old fortification dating back to WWI that kids (boys in particular) will be happy to explore. There are also two cannons and a cover under which they used to be stored.

Cime di Medeglia fortificationsAt this point we find ourselves in a large scenic mountain pasture overlooking the Magadino Plains and  Lake Maggiore. As we had walked for over 20 minutes since the last sign, we thought that we had reached the Cime di Medeglia. We therefore stopped to find a quiet corner to have lunch.

We sit on the grass and enjoy our sandwiches as well as the warm sun. After eating, the kids have fun climbing the nearby rocks and watch in awe a glider flying over their heads. They find its silent flights very captivating.

Cime di Medeglia view

Have we really reached the Cime di Medeglia?

Once everyone is rested and bellies are full, we walk back to our point of departure, following the same trail that we had walked in the morning. It was only once we got home that I found that we had not reached the Cime di Medeglia. To get as far, we would have had to walk some15-20 minutes further (from Alpe delle Lagonce) to reach the real peak of Medeglia (1260 metres a.s.l.). Had we got there, we would have found a cross with an explicative chart of the mountains lying in front of us. And of course an amazing 360° panorama all over the Bellinzona and Locarno area!

Well, at least we have a good reason to come back and conquer the peak!

Cime di Medeglia

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