Fun and nature with the fitness trail in Tesserete (Capriasca)

If you, like me, are always looking for an outdoor place to take your family and to make sure there’s something for everyone… look no further than Tesserete, a village in the Capriasca Valley, 10 minutes form Lugano.

Near the swimming pool complex of the Arena Sportiva Capriasca (just a few steps away from the playground) you will find a Fitness Trail, it is about 2.2 kilometers long with  height difference of only 70 meters. It is perfect for people who like to jog (you can do one loop or more) and to take kids for a walk (even if they are not used to walking much)…

My kids love fitness trails in general, because of the diversions they find along the path, in the shape of some gym equipment or obstacles: logs to leap over, rings, bars…). It keeps everyone motivated, especially the youngest ones.

In addition to this pleasant walk through forest and grassy fields (with beautiful views over the “Denti della Vecchia” Mountains), you can find a large playground all made of wood, near the swimming pool complex. It has regular and oodle swings, hammocks, two slides, Native American tents, balance games, tunnels, benches, picnic tables and a fountain.

If any of your kids s of the reckless kind, do not forget to bring a mountain bike!  A “Pump Track” has recently been inaugurated: it is a circular dirt course, 180 meters long with bumps, basins and parabolic curves. Everyone can ride their bike there, not only kids: the faster you go, the more challenging the course becomes.

My six-year-old son did not want to stop spinning and turning … pedaling and pedaling! Now he is always asking to take him back to Tesserete, as he really had a ball. While he was on the Pump track, dad was jogging along the fitness trail, and his brothers and sisters were having fun in the playground. All in all it is a good way to spend a morning or afternoon outdoors, and to make everyone happy!

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