About Us



Born and raised in Ticino, by a mother from Basel and a Sardinian father (a nice mixture?!) I cultivated both the love for travel and the love for children since childhood, choosing to become a nurseryschool teacher and continue to travel. I taught for 7 years in kindergarten and then I had the good fortune to become a mother of two twins who today are 8 years old. When our children were born, my husband and I decided to continue to travel the same, we never stopped, and the more we discover the world, the more we want to discover it.
I love forests in all their seasons, I love photography a lot, I love reading, painting, creating. I like eating (well), doing sports (so as not to become a trunk!), always knowing new things, but above all staying with my children and doing a thousand activities with them (and my husband!)


Year 2003: a Swiss teacher with a lot of free time and a great passion for travel meets in Barcelona an Italian teacher with a degree in tourism economics. What can come out of it, if not a small traveler who at 6 years old pulls because he has already visited 25 countries?


Daughter of a Swiss-German mother and an Austrian father, raised in Ticino, after high school I pursue my love for travels working as a flight hostess at Swissair. Later I return with my feet “on the ground” and I feel the duty to “humanize” my inner journey, so I choose to become a nurse, my greatest fortune because it allows me to meet my husband with whom in 7 years I had 5 children. momentarily unable to travel big, but maintaining the desire to stay outdoors and in motion, we do not miss an opportunity to discover the beautiful local territory planning new excursions that are always surprising and exciting for the whole family.